About Us



Located in the center of the historic cultural district, tCUP cafe creates a peaceful, warmth infused environment, perfect for reading, writing, studying, sipping, dining & conversing. Time is precious. We invite you to spend a bit of yours, nourishing body & soul in this unique setting.



tCUP cafe has designed a variety of offerings to suit many tastes and dietary needs. We invite you to enjoy freshly made salads, soups, sandwiches and more. Express your creativity while building your own breakfast bowl or flatbread. Top off your meal with a house made dessert, including Gluten-Free & allergen avoidant treats. Our menu caters to Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo & Gluten-Free lifestyles. We also feature fresh sliced meats and cheeses to delight your palate. Our chefs create meals with your healthy lifestyle at heart.   



A neighborhood cafe where family, friends and neighbors gather and new faces are always welcome.

Locals catching up on the latest over a pot of our finest. That's 'the tea', the place to be.